Article 1: Application
The shop editions serge Diantantu place is selling author publishing independent serge Diantantu and all your transactions on the site therefore performed with serge Diantantu editions.
These general conditions of sale apply between serge Diantantu resident at 6 Rue Henri Dunant 28 110 LUCE FRANCE
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(hereinafter "editions serge Diantantu") and any person (hereinafter "you") visiting various websites operated by serge Diantantu editions (non-exhaustive list:
or making a purchase from editions serge Diantantu whether via websites, mail following a telephone conversation or an e-mail, via a website platform
market (including without limitation price department) or in direct contact (except in cases of special provisions concerning distance selling).
Any person may examine the general conditions of sale serge Diantantu on the site, including the French version shall prevail in case of conflict with other sites or translations.
The general conditions are subject to change, and what are those in effect at the time of placing the order to be applicable.
Article 2: Jurisdiction
All transactions with the author independent publisher serge Diantantu is subject to French law and jurisdiction of French courts in disputes.
Item 3: Legal Capacity
The site visit and the conclusion of transactions are for over 18 years minimum, with full legal capacity. The site content is in accordance with French law and any consultation from other countries is under your liability for the eventual compliance with local laws and regulations in force.
Article 4: Sales outside of France
For orders with delivery request, outside France, it is your responsibility to verify the conformity of products ordered with the laws in force in the country of delivery (prohibition of content, authors, etc..). Responsibility serge Diantantu not be incurred in case of seizure or other action taken by local authorities.
Customs duties and other local taxes may apply. You are the importer of the goods ordered and as solely responsible for any mandatory reporting to authorities and payment of all amounts that are due. serge Diantantu is not required to verify the applicable law nor to inform you of any formalities to be accomplished.
Article 5: Condition of Sale
Because of the limited run of many products offered by the author independent publisher serge Diantantu availability of products on the site can not be guaranteed, while Serge Diantantu strives to keep current the information required. Your order will be final only after confirmation by serge Diantantu form of electronic mail (or exceptionally by telephone or mail) the availability of products and total amount paid including shipping costs.
Article 6: Intellectual Property
All site content (texts, images, logos, etc..) Reserved under the copyright and the title of the intellectual property, for the world, both by serge Diantantu. Any total or partial reproduction of site content is strictly prohibited.
The sale of original works (drawings, charts, etc..)
Any reproduction of these works is subject to the rules of the Code of intellectual property, particularly in sections 111.112, 121 and 122.
Article 7: Price
The prices displayed on the site are indicated in euros all taxes included French and all transactions are deemed performed via the website Prices are excluding postage handling and shipping.
serge Diantantu reserves the right to change prices at any time, but your order will be billed based on the prices prevailing at the time of placing the order. If material pricing error on the site, serge Diantantu contact you and after you have communicated the corrected price, you will leave the choice to confirm your order at the correct price or cancel your order without charge.
Article 8: Payment
You can pay your purchases:
by check in euros drawn on a bank domiciled in France, in the name of serge Diantantu to send serge Diantantu resident at 6 Rue Henri Dunant 28 110 LUCE FRANCE
In species where direct contact thus excluding distance selling.
Any other form of payment will be subject to prior agreement serge Diantantu, confirmed by email.
Products purchased remain the property of serge Diantantu up paying full price and shipping.
Article 9: Delivery
Unless otherwise instructed by you and prior serge Diantantu, purchased products are shipped to the shipping address informed by you when ordering in protective packaging adapted to the specific needs of each product. serge Diantantu always strive to offer a standard method of shipping cost with the best levels of protection, speed and security very satisfactory.
Standard, serge Diantantu offers the following modes of transmission, always with adequate protection against shocks (boxes, bubble wrap, envelopes rigid ...):
in France: regular mail shipments of small size (ex-libris, 1 to 3 BD album, etc..) colissimo or for larger orders (more than 3 / 5 BD albums, screen prints).
Sending by registered mail is always possible to your request with extra 4 euros.
Europe: mail at economical price "books" at the same price for shipments in France, for shipments of more than 2 kg and not recommended. Beyond 2 kg sending international mail or priority international packages according to weight. Email type Chronopost and additional insurance available at your request at extra cost.
outside Europe: the post priority international rate, recommended mandatory from a value of 75 euros. Other options (Chronopost, insurance, etc..) Available at your request at extra cost.
You remain free to choose a different mode of transmission, with agreement serge Diantantu to benefit from higher guarantees. From dispatch, the products travel in effect at your own risk and serge Diantantu can not be held responsible for loss or damage attributable to the carrier, which are covered by the terms of carriers and the specific assurances that you have chosen to subscribe .
Attention in case of receiving a visibly damaged package, you must do by airline reservations immediate presence in writing and signed with his agent, and even with the Post Office to refuse the package and returned it serge Diantantu that could then involve the postal insurance. Very often the acceptance of the package and opening it to prevent any further compensation from the carrier. serge Diantantu can not be held responsible for refusal of compensation by the carrier following a breach by you of its procedures.
serge Diantantu strive to ship products within eight days after receipt of payment, however this timeframe is indicative only and no compensation or cancellation of orders can not be made the basis of a later expedition. serge Diantantu can not be held responsible for delivery times of the carrier chosen. In cases of significant and predictable delay before shipment (out of stock, etc..) Serge Diantantu will contact you for deciding whether partial shipment of your order or cancellation of your choice.
Article 10: Return of products
For all purchases at a distance, under articles L.120-20 et seq of the Code of consumption, you will receive within 7 days from the date of receipt of goods, to exercise your right of withdrawal without have to prove motive. It is your responsibility to prevent serge Diantantu by mail of your decision to exercise that right, specifying the products to which it relates. Preferably, a first contacting serge Diantantu by phone or email will seek the optimum solution for both parties.
The products should be returned to Sergei Diantantu in their original packaging or if inapplicable in a package at least as protective, and in the exact condition that was theirs during the expedition, with the same assurances and conditions of 'shipment during shipping. The shipment is recommended as desirable for non receipt of goods by serge Diantantu you belong to prove the return and for loss by the carrier to make the efforts to obtain compensation. No cons sending refunds will be accepted.
Reimbursement by serge Diantantu made within 30 days after receipt by serge Diantantu of returned products and will cover only the price for all products returned as at the date of ordering, excluding shipping and returns. In case of return motivated by a clerical error serge Diantantu (product not ordered, factual error in the description influencing the value of the product (eg reissue presented as an original edition) and that with the exception of the description of the state of product), shipping and return you will be refunded.
Reimbursement will be chosen by serge Diantantu check drawn on a bank in France or transfer to your bank account, for French customers. For customers in the EEC, except France, the bank transfer is preferred. The refund shall be made without cost or penalty.
Out of Europe, serge Diantantu will consult with the client to choose repayment terms of products which cause no transaction fees for serge Diantantu or, preferably, for the client. Any expenses incurred by serge Diantantu for reimbursement will be deducted from the amount to be repaid.
Article 11: Privacy
The personal data you provide to serge Diantantu are kept for order preparation and monitoring of our trade relations. In any case they will be provided to third parties, except companies involved in the process of ordering, shipping and payment, and in this case only the data necessary to process your purchases.
serge Diantantu may send you information, offers commercial and other correspondence relating to its products and events that serge Diantantu involved. If you no longer wish to receive such mail, simply say so and serge Diantantu care to limit disclosure to the minimum necessary for the processing of purchases.
Under the Law "Informatique et Libertés" of January 6, 1978, you have a right to access, correct or delete your personal data stored by serge Diantantu. To exercise simply contact us by mail or email.
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